Pottery by Hamlin Ceramics                                                   Photo by Margaret Ellis 

It is our mission to spread awareness of diversity in the Ceramic Arts and Crafts world and to support the prosperity and sustainability of ceramic artists from all over the country. We aim to do so by bringing together clay artists of diverse backgrounds, experience levels, and disciplines - from potters and sculptors to jewelers and tile makers - in a festival encouraging new conversations, community, and connections. 

NCCAF was born from a conversation about the need for

an Asheville festival to celebrate the work of ceramic artists from all over the nation. Asheville is already known for drawing talented ceramic artists and craftspeople from all over the country to come and live and work in its thriving community. What better way to encourage and celebrate this than with a festival committed to local and national talent and collectors!

NCCAF was originally founded by a team of six ceramic artists who originally met while studying together at The Village Potters in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC. They came together in February of 2017 because of their mutual love and passion for pursuing a future of ceramic arts and creating a venue to celebrate and promote ceramic artists locally and nationally.


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