Artist applications open February-June for our 2021 show!

NCCAF artists are ceramic artists from all over. They are tile makers, sculptors, potters, and jewelers. They make wall pieces, kitchen pieces, statement pieces, anything they can dream up and execute in clay!


NCCAF artists make their work by hand in working studios, sometimes alone, sometimes with the help of studio assistants, apprentices, spouses, and friends. We welcome any ceramic artist looking for another outlet to promote and sell their work to apply.

Our 2021 event in Pack Square will provide ceramic artists a great sales opportunity to reach thousands of customers in the heart of bustling downtown Asheville. 

In 2019 we had over 7,500 visitors through our gates and we can't wait to see that number grow in 2021!


We want to ensure that your participation is a positive experience. During the festival, the following amenities are offered to all artists:

  • Complimentary artist breakfast will be provided during set-up.

  • Vendor lounge and charging station will be available on site during the show.

  • Artist promotion on our website and social media platforms

  • Free exhibitor parking

  • Booth Sitters available to allow artists to take breaks and get food

  • Comprehensive advertising and publicity is planned for the Festival including tv, radio, print, web, and social media

This year we will also be offering 3 new programs to our artists:

  • Application Photo Review. We invite you, our applying artists, to email your application photos to to be reviewed and receive feedback before applying to the show. 

  • Artist Mentoring. If you would like, we will pair you with an artist to help you plan your display, provide selling tips, and be a general source of reference for information on selling at festivals. 

  • Discount Booth Fee. By agreeing to be present and participate in a big poster and postcard distribution effort (more information to come), you will receive $50 off of your booth fee. If you agree to this and then become unavailable, you will simply need to provide an additional $50 before the event to continue to hold your booth space. 

Pottery by Qwrky Dirt                               Photo by Margaret Ellis 

Pottery by Ferguson Ceramics                  Photo by Margaret Ellis