2021 NCCAF Featured Artist 

Michael Hamlin



We are proud to have Michael Hamlin as our 2021 Featured Artist. His work inspires not only those of us organizing the event but the greater pottery community as well. He is an award winning and internationally published ceramic artists and has most recently been featured in Special Effect Glazes by Linda Bloomfield. Mike tells us:

I create vessels by hand building or throwing on the potter’s wheel. The vessels are made with a high iron bearing clay. Multiple colored crater or matt glazes are applied. The pieces are fired in an electric kiln to 2163 Fahrenheit with a combination slow and rapid cooling. Many crater glazed pieces are fired multiple times to obtain an appealing movement of the glaze surface. All glazes I use originate from one glaze recipe I created during the three years of Glaze Calculus in college. Throughout the years I have tweaked the recipe to see what new surface I can create from the glaze recipe.


I combine my passion for gardening with my passion for ceramics and design forms that will complement the various types of flowers and plants that I grow and propagate. The garden is one source of inspiration when designing vessels! Other sources include Scandinavian Mid-Century design, Ikebana arrangements, and 12-15th century Persian and East Asian ceramic forms.


I want the work I create to be soothing to the soul and contribute peace and serenity to an interior environment.

Profile pic.jpg
1 Club Vase, Hamlin, 24 inches high x 5
7 Polyp I, Hamlin, 17 inches high x 5 in
3 Open Vessel, Hamlin, 8 inches high x 1
4 Trifolium, Hamlin, 7 inches high x 14